Friday, September 23, 2011


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Today's interesting topic is about Spacetime. You usually will assume that space is space and time is time. It seems that both of them are together as one and that time is variable and ever changing. It even has a shape. Try to imagine something flat but soft and bendy like trampoline for instance. Now imagine an iron ball resting on it. The weight of the ball would cause the material to stretch and sag slightly. Now let's focus on the effect the iron ball has on the trampoline. It stretch's and curves and warp's it. Now if you roll a smaller ball like and tennis ball, it tries to go in a straight line , but as it comes closer to the iron ball it rolls downwards to the bigger object. This is gravity, a product of spacetime. Spacetime has been referenced in some movies and TV shows like Back to the future and the Simpsons. In Back to the future, Professor Doc brown mentions the Spacetime continuum in a few of the movies.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Today we are looking at some biology. CELLS.
Cells are what make up life. Every living thing (except bacteria) Has them, so they are important.
Cells came into exsitence about 3.5 billion years ago and they were pretty simple. Thet were just a molecule with a wrapper to protect it. About 4 billion years ago amino acids formed and they formed into RNA. RNA had the ablity to copy and remake it's self but it was very unstable. It also broke up and changed it's self so some RNA evolved into DNA. DNA is simmilar to RNA but more stable and complicated. During this time DNA and RNA began to move inside a lipid membrane. This was good because it protected the them inside the cell and they were less likley to break. We don't why this happened but this is an example of the earliest living cell. For billions of years the evovled and became more complicated and around 3 billion years ago prokaryotic cells appeared. These cells had DNA and RNA, proteins and they could eat and push out their waste. They could move around and reproduce them themselves and some of them started to take in sunlight and photosynthesize. But a few prokaryotes evovled into eukaryotes. They were more complicated and evovled special parts to make enegry. They were called mitochondria and they could produce ATP, an energy source for the cell. Eukaryotes then started to group together to form multi- cellaular organmisms and over billions of years of evolution they evovled into the every animal we know today. I have a picture of a cell here


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Holes!!!!

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Todays post is on Black HOLES!!! Black holes are formed when a star has turned into a Supergiant star and burned up all of it's energy. When this happens the star explodes into a supernova and leaves a
small remant left. Because it has no outward force to oppose gravity it collapses on it's self into a point of zero volume and a infinite density creating a "singularity",thus creating a black hole. Around the signularity gravity is so strong not even light can escape it. Around a black hole there is a "event horizon". If you happened to be near a black hole, your ship would start orbiting it and you would be trapped in orbit forever. If you flew anywhere near the centre you would be sucked in and strechted out of existence!!! Another interesting fact is if our sun was replaced with a black hole our orbit would be unchanged. At the center of our galaxy is a super massive black hole. Scientists think it was created when many black holes clumped together to create a super massive one. It is very powerful and it has hundreds maybe even thousands of stars orbiting it. Here is a computer image of a black hole


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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After The elements of Periodic table stuff we will be looking some of the coolest stuff
ever! BLACK HOLES and WORM HOLES and weird crazy universe stuff that is even
complicated to Steven Hawking but I'll figure something out (Thank you Wikipedia).
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Copper is the 29th element of the periodic table, and it's a pretty cool element.
It is used a lot in electrical wiring, coins, jewelry and computer chips (Note copper in computer chips is now rare). Copper was also used thousands of years ago to make swords and other items. It's atomic weight is 63.546 and it turns to liquid at 1000 degrees. So there you have it. One of the pretty cool
elements explained in a kind of easy way. (opps did i forget to mention that copper can also be pretty poisonous but you need to eat a lot to die!) Next time we will be looking at Ununoctium (Lol?) a very peculiar element, it doesn't exist on Earth but tune in anyway.

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Elements of the Periodic table (lol)

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