Friday, September 23, 2011


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Today's interesting topic is about Spacetime. You usually will assume that space is space and time is time. It seems that both of them are together as one and that time is variable and ever changing. It even has a shape. Try to imagine something flat but soft and bendy like trampoline for instance. Now imagine an iron ball resting on it. The weight of the ball would cause the material to stretch and sag slightly. Now let's focus on the effect the iron ball has on the trampoline. It stretch's and curves and warp's it. Now if you roll a smaller ball like and tennis ball, it tries to go in a straight line , but as it comes closer to the iron ball it rolls downwards to the bigger object. This is gravity, a product of spacetime. Spacetime has been referenced in some movies and TV shows like Back to the future and the Simpsons. In Back to the future, Professor Doc brown mentions the Spacetime continuum in a few of the movies.
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