Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Today we are looking at some biology. CELLS.
Cells are what make up life. Every living thing (except bacteria) Has them, so they are important.
Cells came into exsitence about 3.5 billion years ago and they were pretty simple. Thet were just a molecule with a wrapper to protect it. About 4 billion years ago amino acids formed and they formed into RNA. RNA had the ablity to copy and remake it's self but it was very unstable. It also broke up and changed it's self so some RNA evolved into DNA. DNA is simmilar to RNA but more stable and complicated. During this time DNA and RNA began to move inside a lipid membrane. This was good because it protected the them inside the cell and they were less likley to break. We don't why this happened but this is an example of the earliest living cell. For billions of years the evovled and became more complicated and around 3 billion years ago prokaryotic cells appeared. These cells had DNA and RNA, proteins and they could eat and push out their waste. They could move around and reproduce them themselves and some of them started to take in sunlight and photosynthesize. But a few prokaryotes evovled into eukaryotes. They were more complicated and evovled special parts to make enegry. They were called mitochondria and they could produce ATP, an energy source for the cell. Eukaryotes then started to group together to form multi- cellaular organmisms and over billions of years of evolution they evovled into the every animal we know today. I have a picture of a cell here


Well folks thanks for reading. Tune in next time for my post on DNA.


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