Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Holes!!!!

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Todays post is on Black HOLES!!! Black holes are formed when a star has turned into a Supergiant star and burned up all of it's energy. When this happens the star explodes into a supernova and leaves a
small remant left. Because it has no outward force to oppose gravity it collapses on it's self into a point of zero volume and a infinite density creating a "singularity",thus creating a black hole. Around the signularity gravity is so strong not even light can escape it. Around a black hole there is a "event horizon". If you happened to be near a black hole, your ship would start orbiting it and you would be trapped in orbit forever. If you flew anywhere near the centre you would be sucked in and strechted out of existence!!! Another interesting fact is if our sun was replaced with a black hole our orbit would be unchanged. At the center of our galaxy is a super massive black hole. Scientists think it was created when many black holes clumped together to create a super massive one. It is very powerful and it has hundreds maybe even thousands of stars orbiting it. Here is a computer image of a black hole


So that's all for today, folks tune if for another helping of delicous scientfic knowlodge.
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