Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello People
This is my first Science post for the blog and its about TIME TRAVEL hooooo!
To time travel it is quite complicated. First of all you would need a massive space ship that could hold one years worth of fuel. That would be expensive and by the time you finished your journey everyone you knew would be DEAD. So it has its pros and cons. Anyway as the ships starts to accelerate time inside the ship would start to slow down. When you got to 55% of the speed of light two days on the ship would be a week on earth. At 99.9% of the speed of light (If you don't know it is impossible to travel AT the speed of light which is kind of a bummer!) one day on the ship would be one year on earth. If you traveled for one hundred days on the ship a one hundred years would pass by one earth etc. So it's possible to travel into the future but it is impossible to travel back. It's just that laws of physics won't allow it. If you opened up a worm hole to go back in time it would just collapse on it's self. So that's basically it for now tune into the next post about black holes!!

(Opps im missing star wars better go watch it!)


  1. Hi Connor

    When you say that "time inside the ship would start to slow down" -- does that mean a clock in that ship would be going very slowly -- like it would take ten minutes for one second to tick by on the clock?


  2. Well victor the time in the spaceship would be
    slower than the time on earth so, yes it would be like what you said but it wouldn't feel like that for your.
    The weird science nerd